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Homeroom: 6-3

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Jun 13Jun 19math review bookletsMathematicsTempleton, Stacey0
May 3May 9Math Test - Geometry and MeasurementMathematicsTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 23Mar 28Get your math test signed by a parentMathematicsTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 15Mar 22Fractions, Ratio and Percent TestMathematicsTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 15Mar 22Fractions, Ratio and Percent TestMathematicsTempleton, Stacey0
Jan 18Jan 24Math Quiz - Estimating Products and QuotientsMathematicsTempleton, Stacey0
Jan 10Jan 17Math Quiz - Decimal Place ValueMathematicsTempleton, Stacey0
Dec 7Dec 14Math test - Patterns and EquationsMathematicsTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 16Nov 22Math Quiz - IntegersMathematicsTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 9Nov 15Math re-write - Order of OperationsMathematicsTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 3Nov 9Math Quiz Wednesday - Order of OperationsMathematicsTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 26Oct 27Math HomeworkMathematicsTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 26Nov 1Math Quiz - Factors, Prime and Composite and Prime Factorization - Tuesday, Nov. 1MathematicsTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 26Oct 21Multiples Quiz Re-Write - Thurs. or Fri. during lunch recess (optional)MathematicsTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 13Oct 18Math Quiz - Multiples - Tuesday, Oct. 18MathematicsTempleton, Stacey0
Sep 30Oct 5Math - Divisibility Rules QuizMathematicsTempleton, Stacey0
Sep 15Sep 20Whole Number Place Value Quiz Re-WriteMathematicsTempleton, Stacey0
Sep 14Sep 15Math Place Value QuizMathematicsTempleton, Stacey0