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Homeroom: 7-2

You are now viewing homework that has been assigned since June 17, 2017.

Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Jun 12Jun 18Social Chpt. 11 Final TestSocial StudiesGilbreath, Lin0
Jun 12Jun 18Plants for Food and Fibre Final testScienceGilbreath, Lin0
Jun 11Jun 20Gr. 7 Final Exam Schedule: HomeroomGilbreath, Lin0
Jun 4Jun 13Hero EssayEnglish Language ArtsGilbreath, Lin0
May 22May 25Chpt. 10 Social Final ExamSocial StudiesGilbreath, Lin0
May 3May 8Statistics Final ExamMathematicsGilbreath, Lin0
May 3May 9Final Structures and Forces unit examScienceGilbreath, Lin0
Apr 23Apr 26Structures Topic 3-5 TestScienceGilbreath, Lin0
Apr 23Apr 27Chpt. 9 Final TestSocial StudiesGilbreath, Lin0
Apr 23May 7Structures Bridge ProjectScienceGilbreath, Lin0
Mar 26Apr 4Structures Topic 1-2 TestScienceGilbreath, Lin0
Mar 26Apr 4Structures Topic 1-2 TestScienceGilbreath, Lin0
Mar 16Mar 21Chapter 8 Final TestSocial StudiesGilbreath, Lin0
Mar 12Mar 14Heat and Temperature Final ExamScienceGilbreath, Lin0
Mar 12Mar 19Heat and Temperature Vocab. DefinitionsScienceGilbreath, Lin0
Mar 8Mar 13Final Integer ExamMathematicsGilbreath, Lin0
Mar 6Mar 8Heat & Temperature Topic 4-6 testScienceGilbreath, Lin0
Mar 5Mar 12Poetry Final TestEnglish Language ArtsGilbreath, Lin0
Mar 1Mar 7Poetry AnthologyEnglish Language ArtsGilbreath, Lin0
Feb 12Feb 15Social Chpt. 7 TestSocial StudiesGilbreath, Lin0
Jan 17Jan 29Social Studies (History Tellers) MidtermSocial StudiesGilbreath, Lin0
Jan 17Feb 6Science MidtermScienceGilbreath, Lin0
Jan 17Feb 13Math MidtermMathematicsGilbreath, Lin0
Sep 21Sep 26Number Relationships Final TestMathematicsGilbreath, Lin0
Sep 15Sep 19Social: Chapter One ExamSocial StudiesGilbreath, Lin0
Sep 15Sep 20Interactions & Ecosystems Topic 1-3 QuizScienceGilbreath, Lin0
Sep 15Sep 18Social: Chapter One quiz on First Nation's societiesSocial StudiesGilbreath, Lin0
Sep 13Sep 14The Cay Chapter Two Comprehension questionsEnglish Language ArtsGilbreath, Lin0
Sep 11Sep 15Reminder! Picture day is on Friday, Sept. 15th Smile!!HomeroomGilbreath, Lin0
Jun 14Jun 19Plants for Food and Fibre Final ExamScienceGilbreath, Lin0
Jun 12Jun 26Math Year End Final ExamMathematicsGilbreath, Lin0
Jun 12Jun 21Social Studies Year End Final ExamSocial StudiesGilbreath, Lin0
Jun 12Jun 22Language Arts Year End Final ExamEnglish Language ArtsGilbreath, Lin0
Jun 12Jun 23Science Year End Final ExamScienceGilbreath, Lin0