Chinook's Edge School Division

Homeroom: 7-3

You are now viewing homework that has been assigned since October 23, 2016.

Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Oct 12Oct 18Skellig Reading Reflection Project due Weds. Oct. 18English Language ArtsBurk, Kindra0
Oct 5Oct 13Fractions Quiz - Fri. Oct. 13MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Oct 5Oct 12Chapter 2 Test - Thurs. Oct. 12Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Sep 27Oct 4Interactions & Ecosystems Topics 4-5 Test - Weds. Oct. 4ScienceBurk, Kindra0
Sep 21Sep 28Current Events Tree - due Thurs. Sept. 28Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Sep 21Sep 26Number Relationships Test - Tues. Sept. 26MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Sep 14Sep 21Interactions & Ecosystems Topics 1-3 Test - Thurs. Sept. 21ScienceBurk, Kindra0
Sep 14Sep 19Divisibility Rules Quiz - Tues. Sept. 19MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Sep 8Sep 12Please create your academy wish list schedule using the documents on the school website. Grade 7 academy sign-up day is Sept. 13.Health/AdvisoryBurk, Kindra0
Sep 7Sep 14Chapter 1 Test - Thurs. Sept. 14Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Mar 30Apr 3Statistics Quiz - Mon. April 3MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Mar 29Apr 5Heat & Temperature Topics 7-8 Test - Weds. April 5ScienceBurk, Kindra0
Mar 23Mar 28Geometry Test - Tues. March 28MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Mar 22Mar 29Chapter 8 Test - Weds. March 29Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Mar 15Mar 22Heat & Temperature Topics 4-6 Test - Weds. March 22ScienceBurk, Kindra0
Mar 8Mar 14Geometry Quiz - Tues. March 14MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Mar 8Mar 15Chapter 7 Test - Weds. March 15Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Mar 1Mar 8Heat & Temperature Topics 1-3 Test - Weds. March 8ScienceBurk, Kindra0
Feb 27Mar 1Integers Test - Weds. March 1MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Feb 16Mar 2Skellig Reading Reflection Project due Thurs. March 2English Language ArtsBurk, Kindra0
Feb 1Feb 15Social Midterm - Weds. Feb. 15Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Jan 26Feb 9Math Midterm - Thurs. Feb. 9MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Jan 25Feb 1Chapter 6 Test - Weds. Feb. 1Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Jan 24Jan 26Measurement Unit Test - Thurs. Jan. 26MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Jan 13Jan 17Measurement Quiz - Tues. Jan. 17MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Jan 11Jan 18Chapter 5 Test - Weds. Jan. 18Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Jan 9Jan 25Science Midterm - Weds. Jan. 25ScienceBurk, Kindra0
Dec 19Dec 22Percent Test - Thurs. Dec. 22MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Dec 14Dec 21Planet Earth Topics 8-10 Test - Weds. Dec. 21ScienceBurk, Kindra0
Dec 8Dec 13Percent Quiz - Tues. Dec. 13MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Dec 7Dec 14Chapter 4 Test - Weds. Dec. 14Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Dec 2Dec 5Decimals Test - Mon. Dec. 5MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Nov 23Nov 30Planet Earth Topics 4-7 Test - Weds. Nov. 30ScienceBurk, Kindra0
Nov 16Nov 23Chapter 3 Test - Weds. Nov. 23Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Nov 9Nov 17Decimals Quiz - Thurs. Nov. 17MathematicsBurk, Kindra0
Nov 9Nov 18The Cay Final Assessment - due Fri. Nov. 18English Language ArtsBurk, Kindra0
Nov 2Nov 9Planet Earth Topics 1-3 TestScienceBurk, Kindra0
Nov 2Dec 7Current Events Tree Project - due Weds. Dec. 7Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0
Oct 26Nov 2Current Events Tree Project - due Weds. Nov. 2Social StudiesBurk, Kindra0