Chinook's Edge School Division

Homeroom: 8-2

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Jan 9Jan 16Mix and Flow Unit Exam ScienceClattenburg, Tanya0
Nov 24Dec 2Science GO# 2 quiz Mix and FlowScienceClattenburg, Tanya0
Nov 8Nov 18GO#1 quiz mix and flowScienceClattenburg, Tanya0
Nov 3Nov 18Lab Safety CommercialScienceClattenburg, Tanya0
Oct 19Oct 27Fresh and Salt Water Unit TestScienceClattenburg, Tanya0
Oct 17Oct 24Science GO# 4 quizScienceClattenburg, Tanya0
Oct 13Oct 20Science GO#3 quizScienceClattenburg, Tanya0
Sep 26Oct 5GO #1 & 2 quizScienceClattenburg, Tanya0