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Homeroom: 6-2

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
May 7May 11Science Quiz - parts of an airplane, control surfaces and aircraft/spacecraftHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
May 3May 15Iroquois Unit TestHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Apr 9Apr 12Math Test - TransformationsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Apr 4Apr 9Science Quiz - drag, streamlining, parachutes, hot air balloonsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 26Mar 29Science Quiz - birds, forces of flight, propulsionHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 12Mar 26Social Studies Test - Ancient AthensHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 7Mar 15Math Test - Data and ProbabilityHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 6Mar 12S.S. ParagraphsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 6Mar 12Science Quiz - Bernoulli's PrincipleHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Feb 13Feb 16science Quiz - Properties of air, scientific procedureHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Feb 6Feb 8Math test - Geometry and MeasurementHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Jan 19Jan 24Science Quiz - Sky Science - Jan. 24HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Jan 18Jan 22Math test - anglesHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Jan 15Jan 23Social Studies Test - Provincial Government - Jan. 23HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Jan 8Jan 11Math test - Decimals, Fractions, Percent, RatioHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Dec 7Dec 11Math homework - pg. 2-6 due MondayHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Dec 4Dec 12Science Quiz - sky science - Dec. 12HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Dec 4Dec 11Social Studies Test - Municipal Government - Dec. 11HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 30Dec 4Decimals Test and HomeworkHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 22Nov 23Math homework - Decimals pg.. 1-4HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 22Nov 23Math homework - Decimals pg.. 1-4HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 21Nov 27Class Elections Speech - Monday (if you are a candidate)HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 6Nov 14Math Unit Test - Patterns and EquationsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 6Nov 15Science Quiz - Wednesday, November 15HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 31Nov 7Social Studies TestHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 25Oct 26Dress Ups Paragraph (if you did not finish during class today)HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 25Oct 30French Quiz - Numbers HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 23Oct 25Integers QuizHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 17Oct 20Science Quiz - Dendrochronology and The Human Impact on our Forests.HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 11Oct 16Math Test - Order of OperationsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 10Oct 13Science Quiz - classification of leaves and branch patternsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 2Oct 5Understanding Number TestHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 2Oct 4Science Quiz - Trees HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Sep 27Sep 28Math homework - Understanding Number pages 17-18HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Sep 20Oct 4Map of Canada AssignmentHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Sep 19Sep 21Math quiz Thursday - Divisibility RulesHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Sep 18Sep 25Science Quiz HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Sep 18Sep 19Finish your divisibility rules assignmentHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Sep 8Sep 15Picture DayHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Sep 7Sep 11Science Quiz - Importance of Trees and ForestsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Jun 16Jun 29End of Year RemindersHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Jun 15Jun 23Study Your Science ReviewHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Jun 13Jun 19math review bookletsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Jun 1Jun 23Prepare for your PATsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Aug 31Jun 30Daily Home ReadingHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0