Chinook's Edge School Division

Homeroom: 6-2

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Jun 16Jun 29End of Year RemindersHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Jun 15Jun 23Study Your Science ReviewHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Jun 13Jun 19math review bookletsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Jun 6Jun 12L.A. Figures of Speech QuizHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Jun 1Jun 23Prepare for your PATsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
May 12May 17S.S. Test - Ancient AthensHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
May 3May 9Math Test - Geometry and MeasurementHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
May 1May 17Spelling TestHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Apr 27May 4Air, Aerodynamics and Flight Quiz 4 and 5HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Apr 6Apr 10Science Quiz MondayHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 23Mar 27Bernoulli QuizHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 23Mar 28Get your math test signed by a parentHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 15Mar 22Fractions, Ratio and Percent TestHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 15Mar 22Fractions, Ratio and Percent TestHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 8Mar 20Please return your report card with a parent signature on the folderHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 6Mar 13Air and Aerodynamics Quiz Monday March 13HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Mar 1Mar 6Golden Apples Myth QuestionsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Feb 6Feb 9Science Quiz - ThursdayHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Feb 2Feb 6Science Quiz - MondayHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Feb 1Feb 8S.S. Test (Mr. Bouliane)HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Jan 18Jan 24Math Quiz - Estimating Products and QuotientsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Jan 11Jan 19Science Quiz - ThursdayHomeroomTempleton, Stacey2
Jan 10Jan 17Math Quiz - Decimal Place ValueHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Jan 9Jan 25Mythical Creature paragraphsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Dec 12Dec 15Science Quiz - ThursdayHomeroomTempleton, Stacey1
Dec 7Dec 14Math test - Patterns and EquationsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Dec 2Dec 12Remember to bring your $4 for our pizza lunch (Dec. 16) HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Dec 2Dec 23Bring your swimming suit, a towel and warm winter wear on Friday, Dec. 23HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 21Nov 24Science Quiz ThursdayHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 16Nov 22Math Quiz - IntegersHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 9Nov 15Math re-write - Order of OperationsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 8Nov 9Picture Retakes are tomorrowHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 8Nov 16Social Studies Test (Mr. Bouliane)HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Nov 3Nov 9Math Quiz Wednesday - Order of OperationsHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 31Nov 4Science Quiz - FridayHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 26Oct 27Math HomeworkHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 26Nov 1Math Quiz - Factors, Prime and Composite and Prime Factorization - Tuesday, Nov. 1HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 26Oct 27Seniors' Day Poster - due tomorrowHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 26Oct 21Multiples Quiz Re-Write - Thurs. or Fri. during lunch recess (optional)HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 17Oct 21Science Quiz - FridayHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 13Oct 18Math Quiz - Multiples - Tuesday, Oct. 18HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 12Oct 13Sentence Openers Paragraph due tomorrow.HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 11Oct 19Social Studies Test (Mr. Bouliane)HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 7Oct 12Remember to bring $1 or a food item to the sock hop on Wednesday, Oct. 12 for the food bank.HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Oct 5Oct 17Picture Orders due Oct. 17HomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Sep 30Oct 5Math - Divisibility Rules QuizHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Sep 26Oct 14Seniors' Appreciation DayHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Sep 26Sep 29Science QuizHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Sep 15Sep 20Whole Number Place Value Quiz Re-WriteHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Sep 14Sep 15Math Place Value QuizHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Sep 13Sep 16Parts of Speech QuizHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Aug 31Dec 1Math Fact PracticeHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0
Aug 31Jun 30Daily Home ReadingHomeroomTempleton, Stacey0