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Homeroom: 7-4

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 9Apr 18Geometry Test: radius, diameter and area of a circle, triangle and parallelogramMathematicsDewling, Heather0
Apr 5Apr 11Heat and Temperature Topics 7 & 8 TestScienceDewling, Heather0
Mar 28Apr 2Science Topics 4 - 6 TestScienceDewling, Heather0
Mar 25Mar 27Chapter 7 Classwork/Homework (details in description)Social StudiesGallant, Janice0
Feb 28Mar 5Heat and Temperature Topics 1 - 3 TestScienceDewling, Heather0
Feb 27Mar 1Graphing from a table of values testMathematicsDewling, Heather0
Feb 13Feb 25Chapter 6 HomeworkSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Feb 11Mar 11Love That Dog Poetry Final BookletEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Feb 1Feb 11Current Events Issue #5Social StudiesGallant, Janice0
Jan 8Jan 11Percentage TestMathematicsDewling, Heather0
Jan 7Feb 5Science MidtermScienceDewling, Heather0
Jan 7Jan 9So Much Depends...poemsEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Jan 7Jan 9Social HW in descriptionSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Jan 7Mar 6Book Project #2 Book in a Box/BagEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice1
Dec 19Jan 14What in the World Issue #4Social StudiesGallant, Janice0
Dec 3Jan 9AR Reading points - total for year should be at 40 minimumEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Dec 3Jan 7Cursive Writing BookletEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Nov 30Jan 29Planet Earth ProjectScienceDewling, Heather0
Nov 6Nov 13Fractions: Adding with unlike denominator (2 workbook pages)MathematicsDewling, Heather0
Nov 6Nov 15Science Topics 6 & 7 testScienceDewling, Heather0
Nov 5Nov 12Chapter 3 Test Early European ColoniesSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Oct 31Nov 5Chapter 3 NotesSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Oct 18Oct 25Science TestScienceDewling, Heather0
Oct 16Oct 23Decimal Arithmetic Test MathematicsDewling, Heather0
Oct 10Oct 15Parent / Student / Teacher Interview FormsHomeroomGallant, Janice0
Oct 10Oct 12The Tell Tale Heart AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Oct 10Oct 15Stamp ProjectSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Oct 10Oct 15Chapter 2 testSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Sep 28Oct 10Current Events Booklet Issue 1Social StudiesGallant, Janice0
Sep 28Oct 3Chapter 2 Questions #1-10Social StudiesGallant, Janice0
Sep 26Oct 23Animal ProjectScienceDewling, Heather0
Sep 12Sep 24Meet Three of Canada's First Nations (Chpt.1 work)Social StudiesGallant, Janice0
Sep 10Oct 31Book from book list readEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0