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Homeroom: 7-4

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Mar 10Mar 12Page 136/137 #1,2,4,8MathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Mar 5Mar 9Page 131/132 #1,3,4MathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Mar 2Mar 16Parent Teacher InterviewsEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Mar 2Mar 16Parent Teacher InterviewsSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Mar 2Mar 16Parent Teacher InterviewsHomeroomGallant, Janice0
Feb 28Mar 4What in the World Article - COVID - 19Social StudiesGallant, Janice0
Feb 28Mar 4Crossroads Text Short Story pg. 124English Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Feb 25Mar 3Math Review BookletMathematicsJohnson, Melissa1
Feb 13Mar 3Math Midterm MathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Feb 7Feb 10Spelling Test & Practice Sheet 2.6English Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Feb 3Mar 4Book Project #2English Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Feb 3Feb 26Social Mid Term on History TellersSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Feb 3Feb 24Chapter 5 TestSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Jan 30Feb 41. Introduction to Graphing AssignmentMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Jan 30Feb 43.4 Science Notes (If not completed in class time) ScienceJohnson, Melissa0
Jan 21Jan 236 Solving Linear Equations Summative AssignmentMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Jan 21Jan 28Algebra Unit Test MathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Jan 21Jan 30GO 1 + 2 Planet Earth Quiz ScienceJohnson, Melissa0
Jan 17Jan 20Spelling TestEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Jan 13Jan 20Cursive Writing BookletEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Jan 10Jan 14Linear Algebra Assignment 2 MathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Jan 10Jan 14Modelling Equations Summative AssignmentMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Jan 10Jan 21Layer's Planet Earth ScienceJohnson, Melissa0
Jan 9Jan 7House ProjectScienceJohnson, Melissa0
Jan 8Jan 15Living To Extremes QuestionsEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Jan 7Jan 14Heat and Temperature Unit TestScienceJohnson, Melissa0
Jan 7Jan 9Math Parent Letter MathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Jan 6Jan 17What in the World Booklet #3 Social StudiesGallant, Janice0
Jan 6Jan 13Chapter 1- 4 Review BookletSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Jan 1Feb 3Art Zine AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Dec 10Dec 122.5 Subtracting Integers with NumberlinesMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Dec 10Dec 12Subtracting Integers Summative AssignmentMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Dec 10Dec 17Integers Unit TestScienceJohnson, Melissa0
Dec 6Dec 92.4 Subtracting Integers with Integer TilesMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Dec 5Dec 62.3 Adding Integers with NumberlinesMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Dec 5Dec 6Addition Summative AssignmentMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Dec 3Dec 52.1 Representing IntegersMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Dec 3Dec 52.2 Adding Integers with Integer ChipsMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Nov 28Dec 5Heat and Temperature Quiz GO 1 + 2ScienceJohnson, Melissa0
Nov 28Dec 3Miss Mars Super SaleMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Nov 28Dec 5GO 1 + 2 Quiz Heat and TemperatureScienceJohnson, Melissa0
Nov 26Nov 28Percent ProblemsMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Nov 26Nov 28Element ResearchScienceJohnson, Melissa0
Nov 21Nov 22Dividing DecimalsMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Nov 19Nov 21Multiplying DecimalsMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Nov 19Nov 22Decimals QuizMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Nov 15Nov 20Paragraph Assessment English Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Nov 14Nov 19Adding and Subtracting DecimalsMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Nov 13Nov 18Chapter 3 European Explorers TestSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Nov 7Nov 14Ordering Decimals AssignmentMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Nov 4Nov 13What in the World Booklet Issue #1Social StudiesGallant, Janice0
Oct 31Nov 7Incubator SuppliesScienceJohnson, Melissa0
Oct 29Oct 31Converting Fractions to DecimalsMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Oct 29Nov 5Interactions and Ecosystem TestScienceJohnson, Melissa0
Oct 22Oct 24Adding and Subtracting Math Fractions ReviewMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Oct 17Oct 24Math Unit TestMathematicsJohnson, Melissa0
Oct 16Oct 23Chapt. 2 European Explorers TestSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Oct 16Nov 1Book Project #1English Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Oct 9Oct 21Chapter 2 Stamp ProjectSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Oct 7Oct 16Spelling Test Corrections (3x)English Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Oct 4Oct 16What in the World Africa MapSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Oct 2Oct 9Historical TimelineSocial StudiesGallant, Janice0
Sep 23Sep 27A Tell Tale Heart Final AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Sep 18Sep 23Chapter 1 Test Social StudiesGallant, Janice0
Sep 18Sep 23The Tell Tale Heart Questions #1-5English Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Sep 9Jan 20Cursive Writing BookletEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Sep 9Sep 16Spelling Test 2.1English Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Sep 4Sep 9Welcome Back EmailEnglish Language ArtsGallant, Janice0
Sep 4Sep 9Welcome Back EmailHomeroomGallant, Janice0