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Carey Collin


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Hi there. As you can see by my profile photo, we work with all kinds at Deer Meadow! Being the principal of a school in rural Alberta is a fantastic job. Our families have a consistent set of values and beliefs around treating each other well. I have worked at the middle school level for 20 of my 21 years in education. I feel that I have a pretty good handle on those people we refer to as adolescents. My most basic belief is that kids need to feel safe before they can really reach their academic potential. By safe, I mean that a student needs to feel that they are cared for, have an adult connection, and are respected as a person in their environment. This is as true for the family unit as it is when a child is at school. I hope you find our school environment to be a place that is welcoming and a place where we can celebrate the amazing things we do as a community.